Co-op Energy Efficiency Program

Dixie Electric Cooperative is pleased to introduce the Co-op Energy Efficiency Program. The program consists of both a loan and rebate program to help our member-owners manage the cost of installing energy-efficient improvements in their homes. While there is value in practicing no-cost and low-cost measures, the more extensive energy efficiency improvements obviously make a bigger impact on your power bill.

The process begins with a FREE energy audit by our member services representative to target efficiency opportunities and decide what upgrades you need to make. Along with the recommendations, she will outline the program options that best fit your needs. It’s that simple.

The Co-op Energy Efficiency REBATE Program offers rebates for the installation of high-efficiency air-source, dual-fuel or geothermal heat pumps. 

The Co-op Energy Efficiency LOAN Program is designed to help our members improve the energy efficiency and comfort of their homes. We have two low-interest loan options to finance energy-efficient home improvements. 

One loan option is financed directly through the cooperative, with payments being added to your monthly power bill. The second loan option is financed through an agreement with Regions Bank, and you will make payments directly to Regions Bank. In both instances, financing is dependent upon credit approval. 

Contact our member services representative today by calling 1.888.349.4332 or by e-mail.


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Co-op Energy Efficiency Loan Program
Co-op Energy Efficiency Rebate Program